Behind the Ball: The Guys that Fuel Ole Miss Men’s Basketball

Following a high school playing career in Atlanta, Freshman JD Gledhill traded mouthguards and layup lines for Gatorade and laundry. As a manager for Ole Miss Men’s Basketball, Gledhill has many duties, including the aforementioned water handling and laundry.

“It’s not very hard, but you just have to work out with all of the players all of the time, and do whatever you can for them to perform in the game, and not have to worry about anything else except playing and practicing and trying to get better,” Gledhill said.

Gledhill said the worst part about his job is laundry. Laundry can take upwards of two hours due to the amount of loads required after every practice and game. Luckily for Gledhill, he only has to do laundry two nights per week.

Other duties Ole Miss Men’s Basketball managers have are cleaning the locker rooms, sorting equipment, rebounding for players, participating in drills, and just about anything that keeps practices and games running smoothly. The manager’s job is to remain in the shadows. Often this means being seen, not heard.

However, there are some perks to being a manager. Gledhill stays in the Residential College with freshman center Karlis Silins. Managers also have 24-hour-access to the Tuohy Center, which features a state-of-the-art weight room, as well as plenty of food for players and managers to eat.

First year managers are not paid, and often have to work seven days per week. After the first year, managers sometimes receive small scholarships, but the amount is minuscule compared to what the players receive. It is more than apparent that managers like Gledhill do not do the often thankless work for the money.

“Sometimes it can be difficult, but it’s fun for the most part,” Gledhill said.

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