A Cover Letter to America: Redux

Hey pals,

It’s Matt again.

As many of you all know, I’m looking for a job in journalism or public relations. Unfortunately, the job search is not going well. I recently interviewed at two Fortune 500 companies, only to be cut at the final interview each time.

After four months of searching following the completion of my master’s, my leads are drying up. That being said, I am still hopeful that somebody will see my credentials and decide “hey, this guy might be worth hiring for an entry-level job!” Please take a look at my resumé, my portfolio , as well as the cover letter that follows.


Matt’s Cover Letter

Dear America, 

My name is Matt Barnthouse, and I am applying for employment to provide value to both a company. As my resumé indicates, I just finished my master’s degree in communication from the University of Cincinnati to go along with my undergrad in journalism and public relations from Ole Miss.

I have experience managing recruitment campaigns, web content and social media for large companies, including FastModel Sports, Ole Miss Men’s Basketball and Ole Miss Volleyball, the latter of which I also worked in media relations.

While I mostly have worked in the sports world in regards to my previous work in communications, that work in sports is campaign based. Recruitment of prospective student-athletes is a multifaceted campaign that requires planned tactical messages with multiple stakeholders, including players, parents, coaches, teachers, friends, and more. My experience in working in recruitment should translate to public relations and their ultimate goal of building community relationships.

I am also currently working freelance social media for an insurance agency at the moment, and have their overall interactions and impressions up over 400%! I use analytics to help guide all decisions, and it is proving to be a success.

Hard skills aside, I am a firm believer in lifelong learning and building relationships. I hope you understand the importance of building consumer relationships. If one can help build brand loyalty through a properly formatted website, pamphlet, creative digital video, relationships with key media figures or anything in-between,

I want to be one of the people to help make that happen. I spent my entire life trying to better myself and build meaningful relationships with people all over the world. Now, I think it is time that I help a company do the same thing.

Above all else, I want to emphasize that I get back up every time I get knocked down. I’m a fighter. Every time the world has told me “no,” I never quit. When a teacher in high school told me I would never make it in journalism, I went and earned a journalism degree. It took not one, two, three, but FOUR tries for me to get a prom date. I ended up going with a cheerleader.

When coach said there wasn’t enough room on the plane to take me to the NCAA tournament, I drove ten hours to Jacksonville, Florida to make sure I could help my team perform to the best of their abilities. I struggled to excel in my classes during my first year of graduate school. I worked my butt off, and earned a 4.0 in year two.

Every time the world presents a challenge and knocks me down, I get back up. Hiring Matt Barnthouse means you are hiring somebody who will stop at nothing to improve and be the best worker he can possibly be.

I appreciate you all taking the time to read my cover letter and look over my resumé, and I look forward to hearing back from you all. Let’s build something together.




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