My name is Matt Barnthouse I am currently looking for work as a support staff member or assistant coach at the D1, D2, D3, or NAIA levels. If you like what you see on this page, please contact me at or call (or text) my cell phone at (317) 616-8187




Motion Graphics (Gifs)

For confidentiality reasons, current players are being used as placeholders. Can place a prospect in this template.

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Static Graphics



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NOTE: Recently significantly improved ability to create lighting effects on jerseys. Not showcased in portfolio because they are currently open recruitments. Confidentiality is key among clients.


Kermit Davis:  Morphing 1-3-1 Zone Defense

Article on FastModel Sports: Click Here

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X’s and O’s

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Matt’s KenPom/Analytics Glossary

Available upon request. This is an ever-evolving document that I try to add on to whenever I have the time. The goal with this document is to help contextualize what many analytics means, and present them in ways that are more approachable to players and coaches without analytics background.

It is one thing to know the stats, it is another thing to know what they mean, as well as how to explain it so that players understand the importance of each analytical stat.

This is just the table of contents. If you want the full document, email me at 

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This is the table of contents. I can email you the full version if you contact me at

Matt’s Multimedia Recruiting Plan

Like the KenPom glossary before it, this is only available upon request (or by hiring me.) This is a basic planning sheet for any recruitment from NAIA to high-major D1. It is important to have a plan, and to make sure there is cohesiveness with the messages you are trying to send.

That being said, here are the table of contents.

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Once again, my contact information is either via email at or via cell phone at (317) 616-8187. Thank you for your time!