Intramural Basketball Heats Up


Ole Miss Campus Recreation and the Turner Center are in the middle of intramural basketball season, a popular event that draws players from all crowds, including junior Matthew Powell, who plays for Shoot Jumpers Not People in the competitive league.

“I play because I love the sport of basketball,” Powell said. “I miss playing competitively like I did in high school.”

Shoot Jumpers Not People is coming off of a 53-38 victory over Pi Kappa Alpha, and is composed of mostly managers on the Ole Miss men’s basketball team.

“It’s a lot of fun to play with your friends and have a good competition,” Powell said.

According to the intramural website, basketball is one of the more popular sports, with over 110 teams spread across the three divisions: competitive, recreational, and co-recreational.

However, that many basketball games can take a toll on the Turner Center courts.

“The Turner Center is very outdated,” Powell said. “Floor can get slick at times, which can be dangerous. The new one will be much needed.”

Powell is referring to the new recreation center scheduled to open in Fall 2018, per the Campus Recreation website.

Powell also takes issue with some of the officiating in intramural basketball.

“The officiating could be a lot better,” Powell said. “I understand that they’re students who have probably never officiated before, but at least have people officiate with somewhat of a basketball background.

Intramural basketball regular season runs through March 5, followed by a tournament to decide the season champion. Shoot Jumpers Not People returns to action Sunday night against the High Flyers on court four at 9 p.m.





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