Hello friends, this is a long time in the making, but yes, I’m starting a podcast!

“The Road: A Podcast About Life” will be a weekly anthological series starting later this Fall (waiting on funding to come in) profiling people that have “made it” in their respective industries.

This piece will answer a few questions:

  1. What is “The Road?”
  2. Why did I start this podcast?
  3. What are long-term goals for “The Road?”
  4. Why should I listen to “The Road?”

What is “The Road?”

Once again, “The Road” is an anthological series profiling people that have “made it” or are “making it” in their respective industries. The goal will be to talk to interesting people about their road, or their story on how they got to where they are today.

When I say anthological, I mean that the episodes will be more “timeless” than “timely.” I want people to be able to listen to an episode from four months ago and get the same level of enjoyment and enrichment as an episode released the week prior.

Another reason for this is that this podcast is not going to be my full-time job, and people that “made it” in their industries are often very busy people. I want to be able to work on their time, record a compelling episode, and be able to release it at any time down the road (no pun intended) to continue releasing content to you: the people. Not being as constrained by time will also allow me to put in the necessary work for supplemental and promotional materials. This is an important project for me, and I want to do it right.

Think of this as a one hour autobiography every week. We will walk through the trials, tribulations, love, heartbreak, blood, sweat, and tears that people go through in order to reach where they are today both professionally and personally.

At first, my guests will most likely be mostly college basketball coaches and athletes, as that is the industry I’ve worked in and built up connections with over the past six years or so. I hope to eventually branch out and talk to people at the top of their fields in other industries, but for now, it will mostly focus on coaches.

What inspired me to start “The Road?”

My original inspiration for “The Road” came from the “Life” episode of Pardon My Take, the number one sports podcast on the planet. This was an episode recorded two months before release, and meant to be timeless because one of the hosts, Dan Katz, was expecting child and needed something to be able to be put out at any time in the event that he had to be at the hospital to see his child be born.

The episode was fantastic. It was four very successful people: The Ringer’s Mark Titus, ESPN’s Ryen Russillo, PFT Commenter, and Dan “Big Cat” Katz talking about their road to success, and the adversity and problems they faced along the way. Many had failures. Many switched careers several times before finding their “calling.” The stories transcended time.

This episode spoke to my own personal life, as I am in a bit of a crossroads in my life following the completion of my master’s degree. I’m watching people that decided to go straight into the professional world find great success, while I’m sitting on my couch battling unemployment. Being able to to see the larger scope, and know that this is not “the end,” and to keep battling and fighting to achieve my hopes and dreams is something I needed to hear. Not every successful person is “successful” from the start.

So, in a way, this podcast is a bit of catharsis for my own personal struggles. I myself need inspiration to keep going and keep battling. I also enjoy talking to interesting people and hearing their stories. I know there is always a market for people that can tell interesting stories. I just want to provide an avenue for successful people to tell their stories and let people know that their dreams are not dead.

What are long-term goals for “The Road?”

I want to eventually have enough listenership to be able to sell advertisements and make a little extra income. If this podcast ends up blowing up and becoming something that could be full-time I would definitely consider making “The Road” my career.

Until then, I will do my best to make this a podcast that is worth listening to every week, while also remaining friendly to new listeners. Once again, I want this to be a podcast that one can listen at any time and still maintain the same level of enrichment.

Why should I listen to “The Road?”

We are all on our own road forging our own paths. Sometimes that road can get murky, and one does not know where to go next. By gaining new perspective, we can help ourselves clear up some of the fog in our own lives, and continue pushing forward to be the best possible people that we can be.

We aren’t perfect. We are going to fail. But we will always push forward. “The Road” is a place for those who pushed forward through adversity to share their perspectives, and perhaps it can help you forge your own!

So, let’s get on the road and forge our paths!


“The Road: A Podcast About Life” will begin releasing on all major podcast mediums (Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, etc.) this Fall.





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